Ape's Puzzle NFTs Collection

minted on Loopring
Available on Loopexchange

COLLECTION UPDATED: September 17,2022

Main Ape's Puzzle Events Collection

Unique Events NFTs Collection, minted on event day

Ape's Puzzle Animals Collection

Unique & Rare animals art NFTs minted on Loopring L2

Ape's Puzzle Items Collection
Unique Item Art NFTs minted on Loopring L2

Just an idea – 1,000 BANANAZ NFT as membership pass in Ape's Puzzle DAO (include % by all ApesPuzzle NFT creator fees). So, we are still thinking and BANANAZ is still AVAILABLE on loopexchange.art/collection/apespuzzle

Want collab or else?
Contact with us
via Loopring Discord NFT Market channel(tag @apespuzzle) or twitter.com/apespuzzle