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searching for an epic co-founder

List of tips for searching for a good co-founder into your startup

Here is epic recommendations:

1) Co-founder and partner should strengthen your product weakness: design, development, marketing, strategy, vision, etc.

2) Co-founder and partner should be with the same thinking as you: age, interests, and hobby.

3) Co-founder and partner should be motivated as you. It means he should understand the potential of chosen market and product. The best way is when you both use your product for your needs.

4) Co-founder and partner should be in the same rules as you. For me, it means you both divide 50/50 of any profits or losses in a future product. This helps for balancing the founders power and their responsibility.

5) Write and fixed any changes agreements via email.

5) Anything other is elastic and flexible for the situation (but remember about #5).

Searching for a good co-founder is like searching for a wife/husband because the product – is a kid :)