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FREE Notion Template for Collecting Team Ideas Efficiently

A template for collecting team ideas in Notion will help you. It consists of 3 simple questions that even employees without special knowledge can answer.

A few points:

1. The fields are filled in numerical order.
2. Focusing on the problem and result orientation.
3. 1:1 communications rule, the template has an option for feedback from the product manager to the author of the idea.

Grab Template link in Notion.

Let me clarify that this template is intended only for a quick collection of team ideas. All work on enriching hypotheses/stories is best done in separate tasks/boards.

P.S. To copy a template to your project, copy the link to the desired page with it, paste it into your project as linked, and then just do a Duplicate.

To assign a template, go to the board you need, click create a new task and in the empty field of its description, select "or create a template", into which you need to insert these fields with the form.