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EPIC TIPs for startups and businesses (all-time updated)

Here is a successful business/product management life hacks list at any growth stage.

1. Manage the project strategically, not operationally

Don't control every action the team takes, reduce the number of team meetings, set individual goals for each team member, define areas of responsibility for each team member, and track only those goals and key project metrics.

If the project team is constantly coming to you with problems/questions, first, instill a culture of not coming to you without solution options.

2. Visualize performance and deadline proximity

There's a great line in the business novel, "Tom Demarco": "A day lost at the beginning of a project means just as much as a day lost at the end."

But everyone knows how hard it can be to get yourself and your team to work as efficiently at the beginning of a project as when the deadline approaches: this visualization causes everyone to behave more responsibly, more focused and more productively on a subconscious level.

3. Reduce unnecessary effort

Almost any result in a project, (including intermediate), can be achieved in several different ways.

You can take your time and make super-mega-tricky functionality, in the most targeted way, which will allow you to do something else later, if necessary, etc.

Or you can do what you need as simple as possible with minimal effort.

4. Make decisions as early as possible

The project manager has to make decisions every day. It is their main job. The future result of the project depends on the speed and quality of the decisions you make, as well as the current state of the project and the state it will be in the future.

Do not delay, as the rule "1-10-100" works in this sphere: correcting an error at the planning stage costs 1 ruble; at the realization stage - 10 rubles, and at the realization stage (when everything is already running and working) - 100 rubles.

5. Make meetings less frequent and more efficient.

There's a good saying: "Any task can be ruined if enough meetings are held". It's the same with the project as a whole: it can be ruined if it gets bogged down in meetings.

Everything will boil down to the fact that everyone will constantly meet, and discuss something. But the actions leading to the successful completion of the project will not occur (or they will be very insufficient).

6. Keep the inner workings of the project a priority.

Always act not with an eye to the quick external effect, but with an eye on the long-term internal effect: do not rush to somehow launch a crooked functionality before the New Year to make a nice report.

Launch normally in late January and analyze why you were not in time by December 31, so it won't happen again next year.