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top-8 things that a product manager should focus on in 2023

The Top 8 things that a product manager and their team should focus on at the beginning of 2023 are

#1 Assessing the quality of your product in terms of meeting real consumer needs.

Questions you should constantly ask yourself:

  • Does the product help solve the problem it was created for, or does it solve a different problem?
  • Is the product's killer feature based on the problems of users or something else? How honestly and accurately am I (or someone else) verifying the answers?
#2 Improving the skills and abilities of the team. 2023 is the year of corporations reducing the number of unnecessary employees.

If you haven't realized it yet, the candidate market no longer exists, even if you read "We are hiring!" somewhere. They are firing by the thousands and hiring by the units.

Only the most effective ones, those who want to grow and develop the quality of their skills and knowledge, will remain. Or just "my bro" people.
#3Creating an Epic Customer Service. Again, about quality but from the user service perspective.

All customers who were price-sensitive will be gone due to lack of funds while the remaining customers will look at how they are serviced and valued by a particular business.

This is the key is to keeping your users from leaving.
#4Developing and launching loyalty programs.

What keeps and brings users back to your products?

Of course, discounts, bonuses, and other real benefits that your solution has and that other solutions (your competitors) don't.
#5The openness of processes and public communication with the audience will provide enormous help to your product and business.

The more people know about the quality of your services/processes, the easier it will be for them to make a decision to become your users, and the easier it will be for you to retain them thanks to this.
#6In 2023, when crises and bankruptcies continue, companies and products must think about how to survive in this difficult time.

One of the most logical solutions is to join forces and create partnerships with strategic partners (other vulnerable products) whose problems/solutions intersect with yours.

Outsourcing, embedding in processes, add-ons or cross-selling — all this works successfully if you approach it wisely, not just as a checkmark.
#7Another solution effective not only in times of crisis – researching new markets and looking for new user pains.

Usually, nobody does this until a real threat arises.

As they say in my hometown: "Until the thunder roars, the priest won't pray". Well, the thunder has already roared.
#82023 is the year of AI and ChatGPT and the products that will miss this technological milestone will end up in the dustbin of history, just like "If your business is not on the Internet then your business will be out of business".

It is quite symbolic that the last phrase was uttered by Gates, who co-owns ChatGPT.