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Updated list of suggestions and ideas for eaze cannabis store

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  2. Suggestion #1: 2+1
  3. Suggestion #2: gift cards
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  5. epic idea: cannabis championship
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increase the average purchase check per 1 user and increase retention
EAZE is the leader among cannabis stores that are not exploiting their full potential
an increase in the average order amount is only possible through stronger user engagement and retention through the provision of additional user values

Suggestions #1: 2+1

This is not outstanding, but an obvious and long-awaited idea - bonuses from the purchase of 2+ products in 1 order.

These can be classic e-commerce mechanics designed to increase the number of products in the user's basket and his average check.

Eaze can do this by offering its customers to purchase any goods up to the required order amount, after which the store will give its user a gift that can be expressed in bonus products or even internal cashback (more on that below).

Suggestions #2: Gift Cards

As the financiers say, if your business is not engaged in finance, it will close sooner or later. Can also be applied to Eaze.

There is nothing better than giving a friend, relative, or colleague the real natural pleasure that cannabis gives people - a gift card for its purchase.

Eaze no longer needs banks or investments - gift cards are the same free interest-free loan from customers to Eaze.

The coolest thing is that gift cards may be the first step in transforming Eaze into a full-fledged rewards program (like Starbucks, only about weed). Place orders, pay for them from the user's internal balance, and get bonuses again.
“Good artists borrow, great artists steal" — Pablo Picasso

Suggestions #3: CoMMUNITY

What does every business work about? It solves the problems of their customers. Eaze has a diverse audience that uses cannabis for a variety of purposes: productivity, relaxation, fun, pain relief, and the like.

But they all have one thing in common - cannabis.

And Eaze has it in abundance. But name at least one site/platform where people can freely communicate with like-minded people on this topic, and also receive any bonuses from this.

Why not let Eaze users and customers form a community and connect with each other, generating UGC in the form of weed reviews, tips on how to use it (and more), and allowing them to share their experiences and emotions inside and outside the Eaze website?

epic idea: cannabis championship

There are never too many advertisements, especially when it viral and with a minimal or near-zero budget.

After all, Eaze has the largest database of cannabis experts and tasters in the world, which means they can launch their own online cannabis championship.

Who are the judges? Best world cannabis experts ever – Eaze customers, of course.

All this will ideally complement the reviews and ratings of weed varieties and serve as a database for calculating ratings and statistics for such a championship.


– Improved engagement via community growth;
– improved the loyalty and retention of customers;
– improved the sales of goods;
– and promote it via the cannabis championship.

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