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Suggestions for netflix

Updated list of suggestions for netflix streaming service

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  2. Suggestion #1: ad Network + $0 subscription plan
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Grow monetization
  • users have less time (they need to work);
  • users have less money (inflation and crisis);
  • users have less choice (everything has already been looked, but there is no fresh one).
The reason for that decision is simple - the value and income from content and subscriptions are spread over the entire product and all of its content, at a time when users can and want to pay and support only the content / authors that they are interested in.

Suggestions #1: ad network and $0 subscription plan

Guess, who is the bigger ad placement in the world?

Yep, it's Google and Youtube: they have a targeting by interests (themes of video) + targeting by geo/demography (video watchers) X scaling with an increase in the number of views from subscribers (video quality/hype/viral/etc).

This a great example of an "endless" growth loop of metrics and money.

So, why not use this model for Netflix?

Netflix could offer non-payment plans and next grab profits via showing video ads (like it used on Youtube or classic TV). Users, who want to stay with money payment plans are still free from ads.


Here is the loop:

1) Non-activated users are activated via access to content and showing ads.

2) If they don't want to see ads – they will pay for the plans.

3) If they don't want to pay – they will see the ads and pay with their time/attention.

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