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Grow audience
We are hope, currently Notion is stable grow its own user engagement and retention (everyone we know uses it, including us). That is why they need to grow more in the field of attracting new users. To do this, you need to invite and involve in Notion those who are not yet working with their product
Moreover, in order to keep the tradition, they need to do it the way they did it before – grow exponentially, go viral, and with zero marketing budget.

Here's how to do it.

idea #1: FORMS

Let's remember how Notion positioned himself at the very beginning - a platform for creating something and working together on it. A certain killer of Google Docs and Asana.

Why not continue this concept and continue to kill other Google products like... Google Forms?

What are Google Forms? This is the entry point, the beginning of work with any audience, with any interests, needs, and problems, which allows the initiator to start communicating with it.

Collect any information you need from the most interested and motivated people through simple forms: get the user contacts, pre-orders, discussions, feedback, and ideas (hehe, sounds familiar) - anything can be collected, stored, and operated in your personal database in Notion.

This is a simple epic way for people will see, test, and experience Notion's features... without even registering (hello, guest mode). An excellent touch point for further work with a heated and warm audience.

IDEa #2: embed

When you feel that your product is getting crowded inside, you need to transfer your product to external products, which are ... platforms and sites of your users.

This is where embed comes to the rescue. Share everything Notion can provide: your work calendars, information lists, photo galleries, useful libraries, and collections - use them publicly for yourself and your users on YOUR SITE, which ALREADY receives daily traffic from search networks, social networks, contextual advertising, and other things.

This is the virality, free traffic, and free advertising for Notion he needed, with which you can conquer the entire Internet.


Go beyond forms and embeds to build and launch the SITES.

Imagine that with the same ease you can create a simple personal website to promote yourself or your services and manage it with the help of familiar mechanics right from your Notion workspace.

Funny, Notion ALREADY does this indirectly through third-party services that offer to connect a domain to your Notion workspace.

Let's do it on our own with scaleable functionality.

By combining these features with forms, embeds, and other features, you can deliver your services quickly, easily, and efficiently. Just like the whole Notion works.


– Multiply the awareness of the audience;
– multiply traffic and engagement in the product;
– tie and retain current and future users of the product.

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