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Updated list of suggestions for Telegram messenger

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  2. Suggestion #1: Rewards
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Grow monetization
  • Most of Telegram's expenses are hosting costs (connection speed/large files/etc).
  • Ad network already launched.
  • Paywall already in.
Channels are the main magnet for its audience and it is with them that users interact most of their time in the application.

Each channel has its own loyal audience, which is interested in it, who reads it, and shares the views of its author(s). Subscribers can be hundreds, thousands, tens, and hundreds of thousands. An ideal multiplier that can be used to scale money.

Suggestions #1: Rewards

We propose considering the option of expanding the classic paywall model into a support system for subscribers of their favorite channel, thanks to which, with their payments, they can unlock additional options for it.

Example: Channel Premium Subscription. X-readers subscribe to a premium subscription and the channel gets the opportunity to create and offer unique rewards for their own subscribers, which they can give to each other for comments left in the community (like on Reddit).

Suggestions #2: store

What to sell? Telegram will sell rewards that users can buy to further give to users who left the most useful/funny/interesting/stupid comments under channel posts.

The same Reddit went further and periodically gives random rewards in weekly free loot boxes, which you can get if you constantly visit the site (hello to pumping DAU/WAU/MAU).
“Good artists borrow, great artists steal" — Pablo Picasso


– Improved the involvement within the community;
– improved the quality of content and comments (for which you can be given rewards);
– improved the loyalty and retention of users;
– improved the sales of digital goods (telegrams can receive a commission from each sale);
– and, directly, the paywall itself.

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