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Ideas for Tilda

Updated list of ideas for Tilda website constructor

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  2. Suggestion #1: paywall


Grow monetization
Tilda already has all the tools you need to CREATE websites.
To expand the product's flow of money, it is necessary to give more tools that service and touch money.

Suggestions #1: Paywall

At the current time, Tilda provides a powerful website constructor service.

But here is something, that they really miss – the understanding of website-creating goals.

The main website-creating goal – promote the services and generate money. And there is a lot of target audience, who follow that goal.

When we say a lot of target audience we mean not brands, but the usual people like industry experts or market professionals.

How do they currently grow the money? They work, consult and do the self-business around their competencies zone.

How they can possibly grow income? They can:

  • sell their experience and knowledge with high conversion;
  • find the new powerful customers source;
  • grow the prices of their services;
  • or use all ways.

But the main problem is always finding the customers. And the Web successfully resolves this problem by providing an infinite source of customers – search engines like Google.

And ONLY Google algos define who really deserves to be first in the search results.

What is the Google algos love more – a template paywall blog hosted on the Substack / Patreon / Gumroad platform or a fully customizable website?

Yep, guess you know, if not, ask your SEO manager asap.

Substack/Patreon/Gumroad/etc have basic features like writing the text, hiding them via a paywall, and delivering to users, but there is no way to select "unique clothes" for your professional image (website).

Content is a king (as always been), but the package and delivery of content are important too.

Also, in the place, we were born, people say:
Meet by clothes and see off by mind
In that case, it means the most important thing on the first customer journey map step – is Google search and the clothes (website), and the second – is the content.

And Tilda has a lot of creating unique website features but still has no features to monetize them via any form of paywall.

So, why miss real money?

This is the end of the game for any paywall platforms and the new evolution way for Tilda or any other website constructor.

more Suggestions:

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