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4 Suggestions for twitter

Updated list of suggestions for twitter social network

  1. Intro
  2. EPIC Suggestions: nft marketplace
  3. Suggestion #2: rewardization
  4. Suggestion #3: personalization
  5. Suggestion #4: widgets for web
  6. Summary


Grow monetization
We need to pay the bills somehow! Twitter cannot rely entirely on advertisers.
– Elon Musk in Twitter
Twitter has a LOOOT of users (sometimes, really a lot with bots) and activities, but still have no epic money for that market.

Let's think about possible ways to grow that potential for monetization.

EPIC Suggestions:

nft marketplace

It's ALL about PEOPLE who create a CONTENT.

Let the people own & trade their content via the Twitter NFT Platform.

Of course, including blockchain, author's fees and DEX crypto payments.

Suggestions #2: rewardization

Just do the same thing as Reddit does – offer users to buy badge/rewards for gifting them to another user. We wrote about this thing in a Telegram suggestion, so just read it.

Bonus for Twitter: build it on Blockchain/NFT platform integrated with Twitter content.

Suggestions #3: personalization

Everything runs around people and social approval.

So, the easy way to pick a person out of the twitter crowd is to show his individualism (superiority).

Don't sell verified badges for $8 (set $100,000)!

Better sell this features via Twitter NFT Marketplace:

  • profile badges;
  • profile statuses;
  • NFT/animated avatars/covers;
  • additional fields in the profile;
  • 4+ media in one tweet (gallery for ex);
  • 280 symbols tweet limit;
  • promote replies inside one tweet (possible via suggestion #1);
  • or longread tweets merged in one (kill all "thread this" startups);
  • etc.

Suggestions #4 (non $): widgets for web

Wanna grow not only inside the platform but on the Web too? Ok.

Many people read content on websites.

How about using tweets as... comments on the website pages?

The mechanic:

  1. Using a tweet widget under any website page content.
  2. User comment content on the site via tweet form.
  3. The widget shows comment-tweet on the website page with site audience.
  4. The tweet was also posted on Twitter and shared with user subscribers.

This feature accumulates a lot of additional content by users across the Web and is ideal for showing as many points of view about one event inside Twitter. Hello, smart freedom!

more Suggestions: